Ronnie McDowell fans…the wait is over!!! After years of waiting, Ronnie’s McDowell’s autobiography is finally here!

Told in his own words…Ronnie brings his very personal story to you. 
‘Bringing It To You Personally’ covers Ronnie’s amazing 40 year career…You’ll read how his overnight stardom with ‘The King is Gone’ led him to become ‘The Voice of Elvis’ on numerous TV and movie projects.
If you ever wanted to go on the road with a country music star, 'Bringing It To You Personally’ is as close as you can come!

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'Bringing It To You Personally' is filled with more than 100 rare, never before seen photos from Ronnie's personal collection! 

Get ready to laugh as Ronnie shares one crazy road story after another!

 "Back then I didn't wear any underwear. I don't know why, but for some reason I didn't wear underwear. That was a mistake! When I walked on stage, those women grabbed my ankles and pulled me down. I had a hold of my pants trying to keep them up. I was trying to pull my pants up and the women were trying to pull them off....” 

 Ronnie gives you 'behind the scenes' stories on everyone in country music, ranging from George Strait to The Oak Ridge Boys to Dolly Parton!

"Dolly said 'My mother had a dozen kids to take care of. We ended up putting her on a pedestal.” I said “What do you mean?” She said, “We put mama up on a pedestal to keep daddy off of her!'”

In addition to telling the most hilarious road stories, Ronnie also shares his heart as never before.

You'll learn why he was shot in the neck and almost killed when he was just 9 years old.

The real reason behind his divorce...

Why his second marriage lasted only two months!

And he takes you there as he meets the son he never knew he had...and you'll see how Ronnie's family reacted to that son.

With foreward written by The Jordanaires' Ray Walker and Elvis Memphis Mafia member George Klein.

Ronnie McDowell tells all in 'Bringing It To You Personally'...the good, the bad and the crazy! This is a book you will love....written by one of the most loved men in country music.